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Baggu SealEmily Sugihara (President & Co-Founder) and Ellen Van Der Laan (Creative Director) met when they were 3 years old at a nursery school at UCSD and both ended up in New York after school. When Emily and her Mom, Joan Sugihara (VP & Co-Founder), came up with the idea for BAGGU in 2007, Ellen offered up her services and did the branding. 

At the time that Baggu was founded, Joan shopped by car for a family of five and wanted to make it affordable to switch from disposable to reusable shopping bags. At the time, Emily was living in NY, and needed a bag that could easily tuck into her purse or pocket for unexpected errands. After much sewing, testing, and toting, they settled on the perfect prototype, and Baggu was born.


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