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Jean TouitouJean Touitou belongs to a category of people who flies across the century without any warning, yet leaving his own touch. When he was sixteen, he backed Chairman Mao. At eighteen he’s ready for university. He joins the Trotskyite International organisation (the O.C.I.) when he was twenty. Dublin was his secret name. Store man, then accountant for Kenzo, an associate for the development of Agnes b. in the American continent, associate with Irie and Joseph.


Jean Touitou starts A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Creation) in 1987 with a man’s collection (the women’s collection will come in 1988). Ideal for this period when lines and guitar riffs are clearly cut out, just in time for an ace to bring us some style. People like Jean Touitou are then asked what he can see of us. He hears, first and foremost. Words are scarce. Photo by Stephane Gallois

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